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Dunlop anti Frost Screen

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Dunlop anti Frost Screen
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Would you give your car this winter a little extra security? Make the scratching of your car Windows past morning time by purchasing this anti-Frost Screen of dunlop. The fixing of the screen costs really where maybe a minute, and it saves you the unnecessary crabs in the morning. The ends of the screen you simply clamping only when closing the doors. With this screen makes you the best choice because when you a quality less screen gets you cannot always rely on the screen remains in place and that there is a crack in can come faster. This anti-freeze screen make sure your windshield frost-free in the winter. Not to mention that you can use all year round because the screen, you can also use him in the very hot days because he can prevent a lot of heat through the window. Take advantage of this offer while stocks last!

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Marchio: Dunlop
Categoria: Componenti e accessori di finestrini per veicoli a motore
EAN: 8719958071995


Dunlop anti Frost Screen

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